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0014337CentOS-7pki-corepublic2018-01-23 04:50
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.4.1708 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0014337: The pki-ocsp package is not available
DescriptionAll other DogTag packages are available from CentOS core, but pki-ocsp has not been made available and should be for complete functionality.
Steps To Reproduce$ yum search dogtag
================================================================================================= Matched: dogtag =================================================================================================
pki-base.noarch : Certificate System - PKI Framework
pki-base-java.noarch : Certificate System - Java Framework
pki-ca.noarch : Certificate System - Certificate Authority
pki-javadoc.noarch : Certificate System - PKI Framework Javadocs
pki-kra.noarch : Certificate System - Key Recovery Authority
pki-server.noarch : Certificate System - PKI Server Framework
pki-symkey.x86_64 : Symmetric Key JNI Package
pki-tools.x86_64 : Certificate System - PKI Tools

$ sudo yum install pki-ocsp
No package pki-ocsp available.
Error: Nothing to do
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