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0014432CentOS-6-OTHERpublic2018-12-10 20:10
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Summary0014432: Official CentOS Linux AWS AMI's
Description states that the public images are maintained outside the AWS Market Place. During an update of the base AMI in a build it was noticed that the official CentOS 6 AMI (ami-e3fdd999) is maintained in AWS Marketplace. This change may appear small, but those creating immutable AMI's from the base CentOS AMI will run into problems because the OptInRequired. This will require manual intervention in the AWS account as far as I'm aware.

Will CentOS continue publishing the AMI's on in the AWS Marketplace or go back to maintaining them outside the AWS Market Place?
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2018-02-02 04:24

reporter   ~0031149

The wiki page needs correction. (I tried to update the Wiki but the process is overly arduous for a one line change)

And CentOS needs to also publish images outside of the marketplace because the OptInRequired breaks automated provisioning (and is a major PITA).

Previously images were published outside of the marketplace under owner id 410186602215, but these have not been updated since 1703!


2018-02-14 16:38

reporter   ~0031238

This is occurring with all AMIs marked as "outside of the AWS Market Place", CentOS 7 included. Please fix as soon as possible because this blocks us from creating our marketplace offering with the latest version


2018-02-23 11:46

reporter   ~0031306

The CentOS 7 AMIs for eu-west-1 (ami-6e28b517) and eu-west-3 (ami-bfff49c2) are OK.

But the CentOS 6 AMIs in the same regions (ami-a625b8df and ami-66fd4b1b) are not.

Bug #0014517 is entered for Centos 7


2018-02-23 16:04

reporter   ~0031309

Sorry, it was working for me because some colleague in my account had subscribed.

So, maybe-workaround for some people: find the AMI on the Marketplace (for example by catching the error that boto3 returns, which contains the URL), click "continue to subscribe", then "Manual Launch", select your version, then click "Accept Software terms". Once I did that for CentOS 6, I could launch them in automated fashion like I was doing with CentOS 7.

It's a pain, of course, since you do this for each account (luckily for me, I'm only testing CentOS 6 to compare with 7 in a single account).


2018-02-23 16:32

reporter   ~0031311

It would be nice if this got fixed before the beginning of Q2.

We have over 100 AWS accounts in my organization, subscribing to it through the marketplace requires accepting a EULA... regardless of what the EULA is, this could be scrutinized by Legal... not to mention it requires manual intervention. We create AMI's from the base PUBLIC CentOS 6 & 7 in a CI process, we can no longer do this because the latest releases are in the marketplace.

Still waiting on a fix.....


2018-02-26 11:06

reporter   ~0031320


You could use previous versions from 2017-Apr-05:


2018-07-12 23:04

reporter   ~0032235

Assuming that owner 410186602215 is indeed legit, it would also be very helpful for the wiki page to officially state that fact (then if the IDs on the wiki become out of date again, we can confidently search by owner and find good ones)


2018-08-22 16:31

reporter   ~0032571

Still an issue. Would love to see CentOS 6 AMIs published without the Marketplace product code.


2018-12-10 20:10

reporter   ~0033303

Following here to see if we can get a resolution. This is not a minor issue since it brakes CI processes that use CentOS as a base image as well as the ability to copy the image to different accounts.
Bug #0014517 for Centos 7

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