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0014685CentOS-7libreofficepublic2018-04-13 18:21
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Summary0014685: Default install of Centos 7 can't open files
DescriptionThe default install of CentOS 7 comes with Libreoffice but when trying to open a file I would get an error message box that says :
"General Error.
General input/output error."

Steps To ReproduceIn my case the file has a docx extension.

Using libreoffice with sudo allows me to open the file which clued me in that it must be an issue with permissions.

If I open Libreoffice as a normal user but without selecting a file it will open, and then I have a look in "Tools --> Options --> Libreoffice --> Path". Here I can see that the temporary files location is blank and can't be edited. I believe this is the source of the issue.
Additional InformationI have another Computer running RHEL 7.5 which does not have this issue.
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