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0014688CentOS-7kernelpublic2018-04-16 08:56
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Summary0014688: VM boot kernel hangs in KVM with vga=791
DescriptionVM kernel boot hangs with CPU at 100% when KVM image has vga=791 in kernel parameters
Steps To Reproducevirt-builder centos-7.4 -o test.img --hostname test
virt-install --import --name test --cpu host --ram 2048 --disk path=test.img \
    --os-variant centos7.0 --graphics none --noautoconsole
virt-edit -a test.img -e 's/console=tty0/console=tty0 vga=791/' /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
virsh start --console test
Additional Informationelrepo kernel 4.16.2 does not hang.

There is an upstream bug report at which appears to cover the same issue in CentOS 6.
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