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0014702SCLo[All Projects] generalpublic2018-06-15 13:50
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Summary0014702: sclo-git212 - MANPATH is set improperly - overriding all default paths
DescriptionWhen you enable sclo-git212 first, man will not be able to find manuals of base packages because MANPATH is set without the trailing ':' which overrides its defaults. Other collections seem to do it right. Compare with rh-git29. I would send a patch but I don't know where to. The following is the diff that is required to make this work:

< export MANPATH=/opt/rh/sclo-git212/root/usr/share/man${MANPATH:+:${MANPATH}}
> export MANPATH=/opt/rh/sclo-git212/root/usr/share/man:$MANPATH
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2018-06-15 13:50

reporter   ~0032094

Any progress? I gave the fix but nobody responded yet. I would be glad to submit a pull request if I knew where to.

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