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0014715CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-01-29 16:34
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Summary0014715: Unable to request machines from Duffy (via cico client) from

I'm not able to request (borrow) any machine from Duffy, because it always fails with error:
    "string indices must be integers".

I'm trying it from as tendrl user.
Steps To ReproduceTry to request machine from Duffi via cico client:
[tendrl@slave01 ~]$ cico --api-key API_KEY node get
  Starting new HTTP connection (1):
  Resetting dropped connection:
  string indices must be integers
Additional InformationFull debug output:
[tendrl@slave01 ~]$ cico --api-key API_KEY node get -v
found extension EntryPoint.parse('table = cliff.formatters.table:TableFormatter')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('json = cliff.formatters.json_format:JSONFormatter')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('csv = cliff.formatters.commaseparated:CSVLister')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('value = cliff.formatters.value:ValueFormatter')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('yaml = cliff.formatters.yaml_format:YAMLFormatter')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('yaml = clifftablib.formatters:YamlFormatter')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('json = clifftablib.formatters:JsonFormatter')
found extension EntryPoint.parse('html = clifftablib.formatters:HtmlFormatter')
prepare_to_run_command NodeGet
take_action(Namespace(arch='x86_64', columns=[], count=1, formatter='table', max_width=0, noindent=False, quote_mode='nonnumeric', release='7', retry_count=1, retry_interval=10))
Starting new HTTP connection (1):
"GET /Node/get?key=API_KEY&arch=x86_64&ver=7&count=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 27
Resetting dropped connection:
"GET /Inventory HTTP/1.1" 200 71114
string indices must be integers
clean_up NodeGet
got an error: string indices must be integers
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2018-04-25 10:53

administrator   ~0031676

Underlying issue was found : some hardware problem caused some nodes that were deployed to be unavailable and Duffy was trying in loop to consume those nodes.
We'll discuss with @bstinson about a correct way to thandle it, but at first sight a trivial change would be enough (and will be discussed here :

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