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0014949CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-01-29 16:34
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Summary0014949: Cannot get duffy nodes
Description[devtools@slave04 ~]$ date
Thu Jun 14 12:40:24 UTC 2018

Not a quota problem:
[devtools@slave04 ~]$ curl -s "$DUFFY_KEY"|jq '.|length'

[devtools@slave04 ~]$ curl "$DUFFY_KEY"
Insufficient Nodes in READY State
Steps To ReproduceDUFFY_KEY is Devtools duffy key:

[devtools@slave04 ~]$ curl "$DUFFY_KEY"
Insufficient Nodes in READY State
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2018-06-14 14:58

administrator   ~0032086

Thanks for the report (confirmed by some people/projects)
We have a chassis that has still some hardware problem, so it's now isolated (while we investigate the issue) and situation is now back to normal.

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