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0014955CentOS-7centos-releasepublic2018-06-28 20:13
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Product Version7.5.1804 
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Summary0014955: /etc/rpm/macros.dist has "%dist .el7"
DescriptionIn centos-release-7-5.1804.el7.centos.2.x86_64 the file /etc/rpm/macros.dist sets dist to just ".el7"

-bash-4.2# rpm -qa | grep centos-release
-bash-4.2# cat /etc/rpm/macros.dist | grep dist
# dist macros.
%dist .el7

I've noticed because my packages have started coming out with different names

It was "el7.centos" in the original package [1], the different one in updates is [2]

This may be correct behaviour and the original a bug? Anyway, I thought I'd report this so we can mark it one way or the other. Thanks

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2018-06-15 10:20

administrator   ~0032093

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.el7.centos is used by the CentOS team to denote packages that are modified by the CentOS team.

.e7 is used by Red Hat as the default dist as RHEL. We should have been using .el7.

You can (and likely should) define a dist when you build packages. We do on all our builders.

Specifically, centos-release in the past decided to use the dist we included in on the RPM itself as the default dist for the distro .. but as we are now doing different centos-releases for all the diferent arches, and as the all need different versions (because they have different signing keys), we were using .el7.centos..i (for i386) , .el7.centos.a (for aarch64), ans .el7.centos.p (for ppc). So, we shifted the default dist in all the macros for all arches to .el7 .. which is what we use to denote a non-modified, normally built package.

if you would like to define a dist to be whatever you want .. you can use this in your .macros file:

%dist .el7.centos

OR with rpmbuild:

rpmbuild --define 'dist .el7.centos' <other options>

OR with mock:

mock -D "dist .el7.centos" <other options>

We should have been using .el7 all along:



2018-06-15 22:41

reporter   ~0032096

Thanks for the details. Setting a dist is certainly a possibility. I'm not too concerned, we just infrequently build some rpms in a CI environment, and the name changed when we updated the builders, so wanted to understand if we'd messed something up :)


2018-06-28 19:09

reporter   ~0032150

I noticed this as well, verified that it's been like that since 2014:

Is there a timeline on this getting resolved?


2018-06-28 20:12

manager   ~0032151

This IS the resolution. It should not have been .el7.centos. in the first place.

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