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0014984Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2018-07-13 18:57
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Summary0014984: [Virt SIG] Release centos-release-azure to mirrors
DescriptionI'm following the SIG guide to release the centos-release-azure package to the mirrors. I've built the package under the extras tag here:

SIG Name: Virt SIG
CBS release tags: virt7-azure-common-release and virt6-azure-common-release
Final directory location: 7/virt/x86_64/azure/ and 6/virt/x86_64/azure/

This is the directory structure I'm going for:

virt7-azure-common-testing | 7/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 7/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 7/virt/x86_64/azure/
virt6-azure-common-testing | 6/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 6/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 6/virt/x86_64/azure/

virt7-azure-common-release | 7/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 7/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 7/virt/x86_64/azure/
virt6-azure-common-release | 6/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 6/virt/x86_64/azure/ | 6/virt/x86_64/azure/

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2018-06-26 21:01

administrator   ~0032135

We can't add these to the list until there are RPMs tagged into those tags. It's probably a good idea for them to spend a bit of time on buildlogs before you head to release as well, but that's up to you.


2018-06-27 20:13

reporter   ~0032146

Thanks for the help with this. I'm still learning my way around :)

We should have tagged builds for virt6-azure-common-testing and virt7-azure-common-testing now. You're right, I'll probably bake these on buildlogs for a bit if we can get those repos created. I guess I'll submit a new bug when we're ready to create repos for the *-release tags.



2018-06-29 19:37

reporter   ~0032161

Hey, just to check on this - is it feasible now to create the repos on buildlogs?


2018-07-13 18:57

administrator   ~0032253

These should be on buildlogs. You can open a new bug when you're ready to head to the mirrors.

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