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0015005CentOS-7nautiluspublic2018-07-11 14:54
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Platformamd64OSCentOSOS Version7.5.1804
Product Version7.5.1804 
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Summary0015005: nautilus / brasero-nautilus dependency may lead to loss of user data
DescriptionAn install of CentOS may include the nautilus package, providing the GNOME Files application. However, the default installation does not include the brasero-nautilus package necessary for burning CD's or DVD's from Files. In this state, the Files application will show blank CD/DVD devices and allow drag-and-drop of files into their directory. However, it will not burn the contents to the devices. It does provide an eject button but no indication that the burn did not occur. As a result, the default user experience may imply to users that they have burned content to a CD or DVD, when they have not. No errors or warnings are provided in this state. A user may lose data, thinking they have burned it to a CD or DVD when they have not.

Ideally, the nautilus user interface should be modified to clarify that burning is not an option and prevent dragging and dropping of files into a blank CD or DVD directory when the necessary dependencies are missing. An appropriate bug could be reported upstream.

For CentOS 7, a work-around would be to make the brasero-nautilus dependency (and its dependent packages) mandatory for the nautilus package. This will ensure the dependencies for burning are in place and prevent the misleading user experience.
Steps To Reproduce1. Setup a CentOS installation with nautilus-3.22.3-5.el7.x86_64 installed and brasero-nautilus not installed.
2. Connect a CD/DVD burner and load blank media.
3. Open Files and observe the new blank media directory is available.
4. Drag-and-drop content into the new directory in Files.
5. Eject the media from Files.
6. Re-insert the blank media. Note that the content is listed, incorrectly implying it exists on the media.
7. Insert the media into another system and observe that the content is not on the media.
Additional InformationSince a default CentOS installation exhibits a user experience that can lead to loss of user data, this issue should be given a high priority.
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2018-07-03 16:19

manager   ~0032169

CentOS is a one for one rebuild of RHEL (minus branding) and those packages are not modified by CentOS at all. That means you need to report this on to stand any chance that it will get fixed. If and when RH fix it then CentOS will inherit the fix once RH release it.


2018-07-11 14:54

reporter   ~0032227

Submitted Red Hat Bug:

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