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Summary0015017: Kindly add ceph_dashboard
DescriptionCeph manager dashboard a simple read-only view into various run-time information and performance data of a Ceph cluster. It used a very simple architecture to achieve the original goal. I would like to build it in centos ci so that it would be easy for people to use the package. Kindly add this project.

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Additional InformationMy ssh key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDIvajGbN8kedhjxCUNvyflMfLvt66GhKCmYB0ACzAkaJ+VEQ+tvry2PqNxIIwfiQLQ2fxg8NcJcYGOh7WqAKo+bP+E5u6givhGqpVWgtfzGfj+TWWrrxGLpescP3KQ62+icXcNJP8x9atL0Ijw5S0Fv2fv+IaVF45YqIiaRsOEIRb77w75bqjjkvxc1ED0tpYbjvmSFweL5iLJpH0tnQoTZ8IOi/77yGeDzxEMO5i27oR69cfhwsjEmrrzwD3sjg3wXzOZjo5E0vket7r8YJWjJUXvx57BxFdIb2gPzdZrq4l4U3OMS+EmsUJ7eZ4jkc6vWNIDseO9JnjqnEUOvv/R
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2018-07-13 18:55

administrator   ~0032252

Are you working with the Storage Special Interest Group? If so you can build and publish your packages through those channels rather than hosting them directly from CI.

We're happy to onboard Ceph Dashboard into CentOS CI if you're looking to run tests either from upstream code or on the packages coming from CBS, but CI itself isn't the best place to publish to a broad audience.

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