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0015036CentOS-7plymouthpublic2018-07-17 06:57
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PlatformPCOSCentOS-7OS Version7.5.1804
Product Version7.5.1804 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015036: plymouth ask-for-password fails to retreive typed password
DescriptionSSHPASS=$(plymouth ask-for-password) returns empty result (Only on CentOS-7 latest version; works perfectly on fedora-28 and opensuse-42.3 (not yet tested on CentOS-6)

plymouthd.log gives the following:
[ply-boot-server.c:303] ply_boot_connection_on_password_answer:got password answer
[ply-boot-server.c:293] ply_boot_connection_send_answer:could not finish writing answer: Broken pipe

Steps To Reproducemkdir /tmp/bug; cd /tmp/bug
#edit the variables for to fit your needs ($INITRD and $KERNEL)
chmod +x ./

=> Wait for VM to fail (if nothing is displayed on splash screen just press any key to get a bash green prompt.
and from this prompt:
chmod +x; ./
# Type a dummy password
=> The password should be displayed in clear in a message log.

You can test with other OS initrd and see that it works (CentOS-6 need to be regenerated as it is broken, but fc28 and opensuse-42.3 can be tested to see it works fine)

Usefull commands: strace, vi, wget, ssh, scp, rsync are available withing the initramfs.
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2018-07-13 10:45

reporter   ~0032238

Also tested CentOS-6 and it works fine.

Works on: CentOS-6, Fedora-28, OpenSuSE-42.3
Fails on: CentOS-7

dracut theme used to create all the initrd.img used for testing:


2018-07-13 11:05

manager   ~0032239

There is a known bug that upstream have not fixed yet (and since it's been known since 7.0 I doubt if they will) that means you cannot use rhgb quiet and have a passphrase prompt. Remove rhgb quiet from the kernel command line and try again


2018-07-13 13:50

reporter   ~0032242

The problem is that SystemImager is based on plymouth, thus this means that secure node deployment will not be possible without an ssh-key (no password query).
Can you list the upstream bug number or link?

Can't CentOS apply a fix and remove it once upstream fix is available?

(see: )


2018-07-13 14:20

reporter   ~0032244

Added upstream bug report: (as it seems different from the one that do not query the password at all).


2018-07-17 06:57

reporter   ~0032284

Bug fixed upstream here:

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