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0015053CentOS-7chronypublic2018-10-31 16:39
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Product Version7.5.1804 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015053: chronyd service does not start on new installation with DISA STIG security profile
DescriptionFresh installation with DISA STIG security profile includes a misconfigured /etc/chrony.conf file which does not allow the chronyd service to start. Manually changing the "iburst1" parameter to "iburst" for the server entries in chrony.conf allows the service to start normally.

Problem does not exist in installation with no security profile selected.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install from installation media
-minimal load
-set network and hostname
-default partitioning
-DISA STIG security profile
(2) Set root password and create administrative user during installation (STIG profile will not allow root login at console)
(3) Reboot after installation
(4) Log in as administrative user, execute sudo -s
(5) Run "systemctl start chronyd" and review output
(6) Run "systemctl status chronyd" and review output
(7) Review contents of /etc/chrony.conf
(8) Change "iburst1" to "iburst" in /etc/chrony.conf and repeat "systemctl start chronyd"
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2018-07-16 11:57

reporter   ~0032276

Submitted bug #1601428 @ red hat bugzilla


2018-10-31 16:39

reporter   ~0033026

Fixed upstream:

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