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0015120CentOS-7mariadbpublic2018-07-30 20:20
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Platformx84_64OSCentOS 7OS Version7.5.1804
Product Version7.5.1804 
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Summary0015120: systemd-tmpfiles --create mariadb.conf is not run by MariaDB 5.5.56-2 package install process
DescriptionInstalled MariaDB 5.5.56-2 as part of a LAMP server setup. Initially, MariaDB was running fine, but after a restart I noticed that MariaDB was not running and was failing to start.

Eventually found out this was due to /var/run/mariadb not existing, even though other /var/run/ folders were created.

Also found that /user/lib/tmpfiles.d/mariadb.conf existed and looked fine.

Verified that everything other entry in /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/ was being executed correctly...

Since I have no way of checking existing entries created with the "systemd-tmpfiles --create" command, I had to assume that the package installer had a bug similiar to where it either didn't run the command, or had a typo.

Sure enough, after running "systemd-tmpfiles --create mariadb.conf", everything is working fine -- MariaDB now starts correctly after a reboot.
Steps To Reproduce1) Normal installation of MariaDB 5.5.56-2 on CentOS 7.5.1804
2) Restart system
3) MariaDB will not be running and will fail to start.

Creating /var/run/mariadb with the correct permissions temporarily and will allow it to start until next system reboot.
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2018-07-30 20:20

reporter   ~0032401

Looks like I spoke too soon. I performed another reboot and the /var/run/mariadb folder was missing again.

Running "systemd-tmpfiles --create mariadb.conf" does fix it, and it does appear to be a problem with MariaDB and systemd-tmpfiles but I'm unclear on the permanent fix.

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