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0015263administrationoperationspublic2018-09-10 22:30
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PlatformOVirtOSCentos OS Version7
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Summary0015263: There is no recovery procedure for users still on Ovirt 4.1
DescriptionWe had a hardware failure on our Ovirt 4.1 engine server, and we need to rebuild it. While I'd love to rebuild to 4.2, ovirt 4.2 is incapable of restoring 4.1 backups. therefore I need to reinstall 4.1 in order to recover, before I can upgrade to 4.2.

The information given on the issue and its links are not useful.

Is there a procedure for recovering an Ovirt 4.1 backup into an Ovirt 4.2 installation, or a step by step procedure for installing Ovirt 4.1?
Steps To Reproduce1. Backup Ovirt 4.1 server

2. Crash hard drive

3. Install Centos 7 and Ovirt4.2

4. Try to restore server using backed up Ovirt data

5. Uninstall Ovirt 4.2 because it can't restore from ovirt 4.1 data

6. Attempt to install Ovirt 4.1 and discover over half of the links are broken

7. Google and discover this is by design, but there is no published upgrade path

8. Find brick wall to beat head against
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