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Summary0015283: Nested KVM on
DescriptionIn the cockpit tests there are a few instances nested kvm is needed. Is it possible to get/enable this on centos ci nodes?




2018-09-17 13:16

administrator   ~0032736

As you control the bare-metal node when you get those, nothing stops you from enabling it ?
Also keep in mind that it's a mix of Intel and AMD nodes, so setup correctly the options for nested, based on cpu arch
Putting on feedback for now


2018-09-18 07:34

reporter   ~0032745

> As you control the bare-metal node when you get those,

No, we don't. We have a tenant that allows us to start unprivileged pods (with random uids), we don't have access to the nodes or the openshift administration in general.

For the record, this is done with something like this:
# cat /etc/modprobe.d/kvm-intel.conf
options kvm-intel nested=1
(Same for s/intel/amd/)


2018-09-18 07:57

administrator   ~0032746

Oh, so you should have mentioned that it was for openshift ( and not for CentOS CI normal jobs, which run on real bare-metal nodes for testing
Still assigned to @bstinson in that case


2019-04-26 03:40

administrator   ~0034299

Closing out old bugs. Please reopen if necessary.

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