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0015315Cloud Instance SIG[All Projects] generalpublic2019-11-29 20:41
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Summary0015315: AWS Centos 6 AMI: Enable use with new "T3 & M5" instance family
DescriptionHi All, Please could the Centos6 AWS AMI be updated to enable use on new T3 and M5 family of instances?


... I don't mean Centos OS software support as such, just whomever admins the AMI, to tick the box for "T3 & M5". To enable launching a "T3& M5" machine using the AMI ;-)

thank you

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2019-04-02 04:18

reporter   ~0034146

I have the same question. We have an old Centos 6 AMI, and we want to enable enhanced networking on the instance and use the t3, r5 and m5 instance families. But AWS Support says that the AMI was configured to not work with those types. Is there any way this can be changed? We can't launch a new Centos 7 instance due to the software that's installed.

Thanks in advance,


2019-07-02 16:00

reporter   ~0034768

Agreed. Our whole application stack has been vetted and running Centos 6 for 10+ years. Since Centos 6 is LTS, I would really like to see a new Centos 6 ENA supported AMI in the marketplace that supports new instance types. When you run older generations, you are actually charged more money that current gen.

Thanks as well,


2019-11-29 20:41

reporter   ~0035783

Any updates on this? Is this not just a flag that needs to be enabled in the maintainer's view for the AMI to support the newer instance types?

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