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0015364CentOS-7firefoxpublic2018-10-21 08:35
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Product Version7.5.1804 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015364: Starting from Firefox 60.2.1, saved logins information is lost, along with sync credentials
DescriptionFirst run, Firefox deletes key4.db and writes a new key3.db.
Setting up sync again and configuring for master password, creates a new key4.db; sync works as expected, even logins.json syncs, but login information is not shown on "preferences".
Closing and starting back again, the cycle repeats: sync credentials are lost and key4.db is deleted.
Restoring key3.db and key4.db is useless, they will be overwritten on start (every time there is a key4.db)
This very same profile works OK on the very same release downloaded from firefox repos, that is, ESR 60.2.2 obtained from firefox works flawlessly while 60.2.1 and 60.2.2 on the RPMs both work as described.
Steps To Reproducesee "Description"
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