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0015413CentOS-7[All Projects] generalpublic2018-11-05 10:01
ReporterSandeep Sethia 
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Platformaarch64OScentos OS Versioncentos7.5
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Summary0015413: No aarch64 support for and
DescriptionWhile compiling openstack from source i am facing lot of repo issue for aarch64 platform . The support for cloud and virt packages is missing for aarch64 platform . Currently i am using for both the packages as a workaround. Any update or timeline for the support in the mirror repo will be helpful.
Steps To ReproducePlease download openstack from git hub and cd devstack.

1) Run ./

You will see errors for missing repos for aarch64 platform.
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2018-10-26 09:21

administrator   ~0032998

I don't see that as a mirror issue, so at least switching category
But, from a packaging side, there is already multiple variants (queens and rocky) of openstack/rdo available, so unsure what you want to compile from source
And if it doens't, check with upstream openstack ?
Sandeep Sethia

Sandeep Sethia

2018-10-26 15:52

reporter   ~0033003

Hi , thanks for reply . We do optimization specific to aarch64 platform by modifying the source code of openstack. This is the reason we are compiling from source.
The devstack utility which we are using from git clone has the file which use for installing any repo for openstack. Currently these repos does not have aarch64 support but the same is available for x86. Either we can give patch to the community to install from other repo which we are not sure if it will be accepted or to have the above packages in mirror.centos.


2018-10-26 15:55

administrator   ~0033004

do you mean consuming aarch64 from the correct place ?
so from instead of ? (and then the correct aarch64 trees under that)
Sandeep Sethia

Sandeep Sethia

2018-10-26 16:01

reporter   ~0033005

Yes can we all the packages for aarch64 under the tree of which is same for x86. Else we have to submit a patch for the correct path.


2018-11-05 10:01

reporter   ~0033079

Hi arrfab,

So I guess, you mean we need to check with devstack to get the repo location of aarch64 corrected to Am I right ?


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