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0001549CentOS-4yumpublic2006-10-22 14:41
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Product Version4.4 - x86_64 
Summary0001549: yum upgrades, instead of simply installing kernel-smp-devel
DescriptionIt seems like yum is configured to install, not upgrade, kernel-devel packages but someone forgot to add kernel-smp-devel to that cathegory.
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2006-10-21 12:20


True. kernel-smp-devel is not listed in "installonlpkgs" in, though the Changelog in /usr/share/doc/yum-2.4.3/ claims otherwise. kernel-hugemem and kernel-hugemem-devel are also missing from there.

I thought we already fixed that? I can quite clearly remember sending a patch for that to Karanbir.

For the time being:

Add kernel-smp-devel to the ['installonlypkgs ...] section on lines 223 and following in /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/yum/


2006-10-21 12:23


This should be fixed in and I think it calls for an updated yum package in CentOS.



2006-10-22 14:41

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OK ... we have researched this issue:

See this link for details:

So, in Fedora (and in the upcoming RHEL-5) this is fixed by making the kernel-smp-devel, kernel-hugemem-devel, kernel-largesmp-devel all provide kernel-devel and some code to yum.

However, in RHEL-4 (and thus CentOS-4) this problem still exists as they did not modify the kernel-2.6.spec to have the kernel-*-devel.spec files provide kernel-devel. (Since they do not distibute yum in RHEL-4)

There are 2 ways to fix this problem:

1. Modify the kernel spec files.
2. Modify yum to treat everything the same.

The yum mods are the way I think this needs to be done, as yum is an add-on package to CentOS-4 and I think we should leave the kernel spec as close to upstream as possible.

I'll throw this out for debate on the CentOS-Devel list.

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