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0015576mirrorunsortedpublic2018-12-17 16:46
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Summary0015576: is still pointing to the 7.5 version

First, thank you for developing and maintaining CentOS!

I am interested by looking at updates only for the latest 7.x version when it has been officially released. was then interesting for me because when the 7.6 was in development, this link was still pointing to 7.5. But now that the 7.6 version has been officially released, could it be possible to point this "7" dir to the "7.6.1810".

I am not sure where to report this problem as it seems not linked to a software issue. Or maybe linked to a configuration issue? I don't know how this "symlink" is setup.
Please tell me if I reported that at the wrong place :)
Steps To Reproduce- Go to
- You expect to see the same content as
- But we can see the same content as
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2018-12-17 14:53

manager   ~0033369

While we're at it, 6 points to 6.9: shows 6.9 isos.


2018-12-17 16:46

administrator   ~0033374

6 is pointed at 6.10 .. 7 at 7.6.1810

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