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0015669CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2019-02-05 20:04
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Target VersionFixed in Version7.6.1810 
Summary0015669: Impossible to install ISO minimal installer for ppc64le install
DescriptionAttempting to install the minimal ISO for CentOS 7.6 on a Power8 machine, using the ppc64le ISO fails with the following errors:

The software marked for installation has the following errors. This is likely caused by an error with your installation source. You can quit the installer, change your software source, or change your software selections.

util-linux-2.23.2-59.el7.ppc64le requires libsmartcols = 2.23.2-59.el7
util-linux-2.23.2-59.el7.ppc64le requires
util-linux-2.23.2-59.el7.ppc64le requires

Using the full 8GB installer works as a workaround, but the ISO is quite big.
Steps To ReproduceSimply try to install using the minimal installer for CentOS 7.6 on Power8 hardware or a VM.
Additional InformationIn our case, it was a Nutanix cluster on IBM hardware, power8, running Nutanix AHV. We were attempting to create a VM.
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2019-01-04 22:51


Installer-Error-2.png (395,786 bytes)


2019-01-09 21:05

developer   ~0033550

I have confirmed that libsmartcols-2.23.2-59.el7.ppc64le.rpm is missing from the Packages repository on CentOS-7-ppc64le-Minimal-1810.iso

Hoping to have a fix in a day or two.


2019-01-11 04:56

developer   ~0033564

I have created and verified new CentOS-7-ppc64le-Minimal-1810.iso and CentOS-7-power9-Minimal-1810.iso that properly contain libsmartcols-2.23.2-59.el7.ppc64le.rpm. I'll talk to hughesjr about getting them published. Not sure if the iso names will be changed to avoid confusion or not. Stay tuned.


2019-02-05 20:03

developer   ~0033780

New CentOS-7-ppc64le-Minimal-1810.iso and CentOS-7-power9-Minimal-1810.iso have been pushed to the mirrors.

195958165abb32c35ce1133c9fd8b5704915836ed2e9e847bae2733cf3cf0644 CentOS-7-ppc64le-Minimal-1810.iso
47249902ef5526e852cd3b975050dbdbcac5b4826eda0a890bcecf5acb72215e CentOS-7-power9-Minimal-1810.iso

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