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0015717CentOS-7grub2public2020-10-17 17:32
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.6.1810 
Summary0015717: Grub2 relocator module bug loading Xen under UEFI
DescriptionOn HP DL360g9 using EEFI
Using multiboot2 and module2 to boot xen-410 with kernel 4.9.127-32.el7.x86_64

grub displays "Loading initial ramdisk ..." then hangs.
debugging grub outputs this just before the hang:
mmap/efi/mmap.c:66: EFI memory region 0x7b7ff000-0x7b800000: 4
mmap/efi/mmap.c:66: EFI memory region 0x100000000-0x480000000: 7
mmap/efi/mmap.c:66: EFI memory region 0x80000000-0x90000000: 11
video/efi_gop.c:390: GOP: keeping mode 2
video/efi_gop.c:498: GOP: initialising FB @ 0x91000000 1024x768x32
video/efi_gop.c:523: GOP: Success
lib/relocator.c:1387: chunks = 0x3eb93040
lib/relocator.c:434: trying to allocate in 0x1000-0x99f10 aligned 0x10 size
lib/relocator.c:1188: allocated: 0x6000+0xf0
lib/relocator.c:1399: allocated 0x6000/0x6000
lib/relocator.c:1400: chunks = 0x3eb93040
lib/relocator.c:1523: Preparing relocs (size=12)
lib/relocator.c:434: trying to allocate in 0x0-0xfffffffffffffff4 aligned 0x1
size 0xc
lib/relocator.c:1188: allocated: 0x7000+0xc
lib/relocator.c:1535: Relocs allocated at 0x7000
lib/relocator.c:1550: chunk 0x6000->0x6000, 0xf0
lib/relocator.c:1550: chunk 0x1000->0x1000, 0x4862
lib/relocator.c:1550: chunk 0xcaa000->0xcaa000, 0x14aca65
lib/relocator.c:1550: chunk 0x579000->0x579000, 0x730720
lib/relocator.c:1550: chunk 0x0->0x0, 0x18
lib/relocator.c:1550: chunk 0x200000->0x200000, 0x379000
lib/relocator.c:1594: sorted chunk 0x0->0x0, 0x18
lib/relocator.c:1594: sorted chunk 0x1000->0x1000, 0x4862
lib/relocator.c:1594: sorted chunk 0x6000->0x6000, 0xf0
lib/relocator.c:1594: sorted chunk 0x200000->0x200000, 0x379000
lib/relocator.c:1594: sorted chunk 0x579000->0x579000, 0x730720
lib/relocator.c:1594: sorted chunk 0xcaa000->0xcaa000, 0x14aca65
Steps To Reproduceminimal centos 7 install
yum -y install centos-release-xen-410
yum -y update
yum -y install xen
yum -y install grub2-efi-modules
cp -a /usr/lib/grub/x86_64-efi /boot/efi/EFI/centos/
edit /etc/grub.d/08_linux_xen
change multiboot to multiboot2
change module to module2
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/centos/grub.cfg
Additional InformationThe problem doesn't exist if I use the modules available by building grub2 from source

mkdir grub2
cd grub2
wget ""
gunzip grub-2.02.tar.gz
tar -xf grub-2.02.tar
cd grub-2.02
./configure --with-platform=efi --target=x86_64

/usr/bin/cp ~/grub2/grub-2.02/grub-core/*.mod /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
cd ~/grub2/grub-2.02/grub-core
/usr/bin/cp *.lst /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
cd ..
/usr/bin/cp grub-core/ /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
/usr/bin/cp grub-core/kernel.img /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
/usr/bin/cp grub-core/ /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
/usr/bin/cp grub-core/kernel.exec /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
/usr/bin/cp config.h /boot/efi/EFI/centos/x86_64-efi/
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2020-10-17 05:53

reporter   ~0037814

I can confirm the same problem/solution on CentOS 7.8.2003 with Xen 4.12 with kernel 4.9.230 on a Dell R640 (which is a gen 14) BIOS 2.8.2.

I followed the same steps, with a minimal install, and "yum -y install centos-release-xen-412" instead of the 4.10 repo.

Side note: After 14 hours of this, I owe you a beer @colling2.

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