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0015832CentOS-7anacondapublic2019-02-15 20:14
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Summary0015832: anaconda seemingly not firing %posttrans scriptlet of 'libwbclient' RPM
DescriptionThis was also written up here:

The upshot is 'libwbclient' RPM was installed via anaconda, but it's %posttrans scriptlet was not fired.

A later RPM's %pre scriptlet tried to run /usr/bin/pdbedit, which requires a shared library provided by 'libwbclient'.

That invocation failed with:

15:42:35,743 INFO packaging: pdbedit: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

15:42:35,745 INFO packaging: error: %pre(uid-admin-1-1.noarch) scriptlet failed, exit status 127

When the installation process failed at this point, I observed that the payload of the 'libwbclient' RPM (a shared library) was installed in the chrooted environment (/mnt/sysimage) , but the actions in the %posttrans scriptlet were not fired, which include running ldconfig, etc.

I extracted that scriptlet into the chrooted environment, and was able to run it at that point, so the script itself should not have failed, if it was run. There was no error or output from anaconda about running the %posttrans scriplet.

I've attached the anaconda-tb-S3sPeY file from my last run.
Steps To ReproduceIn my case, I'm using an ISO image with a bunch of custom RPMs, and this failure is consistent. That doesn't help an external tester, though.

I imagine if you were to SIGSTOP the yum process anaconda was driving after the 'libwbclient' RPM installed, one could observe the state of the chrooted environment at that point.
Additional InformationI've been trying to track down a way to get anaconda to verbosely log when it's running misc scriptlets, just to I can confirm they're getting invoked. I'm open to suggestions here. :/
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2019-02-15 20:14


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