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0015882CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2019-03-01 04:20
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Product Version7.6.1810 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015882: shutdown not broadcasting when putting in place but but does it on Cancel
DescriptionThe shutdown will not broadcast message to logged in user .
shutdown -h 10:00 "shutting down for maintemnance"

  It doesn't matter if user is logged in at a virtual terminal, ssh session or even just in teminal windows that are opened.

The broadcast does show up when the shutdown -c is issued

the broadcast message "The system shutdown has been cancelled at ...." shows up after "cancel" issued!
Steps To Reproduceopen multiple terminal , VT, ssh into
try sudo shutdown -h 10:00 " testing shutdown broadcast"

now try sudo shutdown -c

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