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0015906Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2019-03-16 11:32
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Summary0015906: ppc64le builds for ceph/nautilus killed by OOM

builds of Ceph up to the Luminous version used to work for all three supported archs (x86_64, ppc64le and aarm64), but builds of the Nautilus version appear to fail when killed with the ppc64le going OOM [1]. This is seen even when using -j1.

How much memory can be consumed by the ppc64le workers? Would it be possible to increase the amount of memory available?

Additional Informationx86_64 builds complete successfully
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2019-03-14 15:11

administrator   ~0033999


I've balanded resources between some nodes and I bumped available memory/vcpus for the ppc64le builders in CBS.
Can you kick another build and see if that works now ?
It should


2019-03-15 08:19

administrator   ~0034006

I see that kicked rebuild is still ongoing (at least on aarch64) but on that build it's only one using one core .. so are you still using -j1 ? maybe time to optimize this and use all available cores on all builders ?


2019-03-15 08:23

reporter   ~0034007

hi, thanks for helping

I can see the ppc4le build passed now though ... I did purposely use -j1 to consume the least amount possible of memory, I can try optimzing yes; will launch a new build as soon as this one finishes

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