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0015942CentOS-7gdmpublic2019-03-22 16:53
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0015942: gdm fails to restart X server when terminated by autologout
Description(This bug is also described at

Recent updates to gdm have introduced a bug. If the main console X server (display :0) terminates while nobody is logged in, gdm does not restart the X server.

This is a serious problem because the GNOME automatic logout feature terminates the X server. So anybody who uses automatic logout, but does not stay logged in at the console, will eventually find their console X server is gone.

In other words, it renders the automatic logout feature unusable.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install updated gdm package (version 3.28.2-10 or later).

2. Follow any instructions to enable GNOME automatic logout (e.g.

3. Log out from the console.

4. Wait for the automatic logout to trigger and terminate the X server.

5. Observe the console is now dead because gdm did not restart the X server.

More simply: Log out from the console, log in remotely via network, and kill the X server for display :0. You will find that gdm continues running but does not restart the X server.
Additional InformationBased on the revision history, it is possible this problem already existed in the released gdm (3.28.2-9), but I have not verified this.


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