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0015955CentOS-7iscsi-initiator-utilspublic2019-04-08 00:22
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0015955: reboot after mapping iscsi drive causes hang
DescriptionWith RHEL you can unmap the drive, then 'systemctl stop iscsi' and reboot is successful. With CentOS7 it hangs.
Steps To Reproduce

There is a step, "mkfs.ext4 /dev/<..disk..>", which is performed on the initiator. With RHEL this work, but with CentOS7 you need to run this on the target (server) system as step number 1, before any other step. This should be filed as another bug, but given I have a work around I have not.
Additional InformationThere are several sites with similar steps, they all seem to be nearly identical copies of each other. Running on RHEL has no issues, everything works no issue.
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2019-03-26 03:35

reporter   ~0034092

this should be updated to be 'crash', as the reboot will fail


2019-04-08 00:22

reporter   ~0034171

Cancel this.

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