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Summary0015975: Need CentOS 6 AWS Marketplace AMI to support new instance types
    We have an old Centos 6 AMI, and we need to enable enhanced networking on the instance and use the t3, r5 and m5 instance families. But AWS Support says that the AMI was configured to not work with those types. Is there any way this can be changed? We can't launch a new Centos 7 instance due to the software that's installed. We have already configured the driver to support enhanced networking. We installed the driver from here:

The AMI in use is: CentOS 6 x86_64 (2014_09_29) EBS HVM-74e73035-3435-48d6-88e0-89cc02ad83ee-ami-a8a117c0.2 (ami-c2a818aa)

Thanks in advance,
Steps To ReproduceTried to change the instance type (see attachment).
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