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0015978CentOS-7kernelpublic2019-04-02 22:46
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Product Version7.6.1810 
Summary0015978: Please enable LDM volume support in the default kernel
DescriptionWith CentOS directed at server-level implementation, interacting with a Windows environment should be expected.

The current kernel(s) do not enable LDM support and prevent the use of Windows Dynamic volumes on a CentOS system.

Please enable the LDM volume support and add the livldm tool chain to the default CentOS releases.
Additional InformationWhile it is possible to build a custom kernel and locate the livldm tools outside of the CentOS repo environment, it is difficult for non-kernel level development users.

Tags7.6.1810, ldmtool, libldm


has duplicate 0013526 resolvedtoracat Please in future kernel release on CentosPlus provide one with kernel compile option CONFIG_LDM_PARTITION enabled 




2019-04-02 22:16

manager   ~0034155

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The CentOS kernel is a rebuild of the RHEL kernel without code modification. Therefore a request like this needs to be filed upstream at .

However CentOS offers a custom kernel, CentOSPlus kernel, which can accommodate feature additions and bug fixes. We will try enabling LDM in this plus kernel.



2019-04-02 22:33

manager   ~0034156

*ahem* As it turned out, the same request was made in 2017 and LDM was enabled in the plus kernel ( see ). The submitter filed a request upstream.


2019-04-02 22:46

manager   ~0034157

Closing as duplicate. I have added you to the monitor list in the other bug report.

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