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0015986CentOS-7virt-managerpublic2019-04-04 17:56
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0015986: virt-manager doesn't show single vm memory usage graph
Descriptionvirt-manager on latest CentOS 7 with gui have a regression and which by it doesn't show the memory usage or disk or network usage graph on the list of virtual machine but shows on the "performance" tab/window of a single VM.
Steps To ReproduceInstall CentOS 7 with gui desktop, install virt-manager.
Connect from the client virt-manager to the kvm hypervisor.
Enable polling of disk, memory, network using the menu edit -> preferences -> polling-> mark every polling parameter.
Enable grpah of network, disk, memory using menu view -> Graph -> network, memory, disk.
Wait for the graph to show up, it never shows.
It is working on from a Fedora 29 so it's a regression on 7.6 since on 7.5 it works.
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