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0016005mirrorunclassifiedpublic2019-04-26 08:42
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Summary0016005: Mirrors don't get updated with packages from storage7-ceph-nautilus-release
DescriptionIt looks like we don't have the packages from the storage7-ceph-nautilus-release tag in the mirrors [1]

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2019-04-11 23:29

reporter   ~0034183

From #centos-devel:

< bstinson> gfidente: do you have automation that untags all the builds from that tag?
< gfidente> bstinson no but sounds like a bash for-loop
< bstinson> so at the last push we did, our linter saw that storage7-ceph-nautilus-release was empty, so we disabled that
< gfidente> bstinson it was
< gfidente> on purpose
< bstinson> yeah, don't do that
< gfidente> bstinson ah ok
< bstinson> for the push to be active, we need builds tagged in there at all times
< gfidente> bstinson ah, thanks for explaining

Giulio, any idea who/what untagged those?

Brian turned off signing here:

He enabled it today, here:


2019-04-18 22:02

reporter   ~0034222

hi Ken, I untagged all builds from the storage7-ceph-nautilus-release tag (back when we didn't have nautilus build yet) not knowing this would have caused issues to the repos!

Things seems to be back to normal now, thanks all for helping. I think we can close the bug.


2019-04-26 08:42

administrator   ~0034392

Closing, per request in ticket itself (bugs triage)

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