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0016012CentOS-6initscriptspublic2019-04-16 08:55
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Product Version6.10 
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Summary0016012: /sbin/service ignores LANG environment variable
DescriptionThe manual page specifies that service(1) passes along LANG and TERM to init scripts, but the /sbin/service script ignores it:

if [ -x "${SERVICEDIR}/${SERVICE}" ]; then
            env -i PATH="$PATH" TERM="$TERM" "${SERVICEDIR}/${SERVICE}" stop
            env -i PATH="$PATH" TERM="$TERM" "${SERVICEDIR}/${SERVICE}" start
            exit $?
Steps To ReproduceStart service with service(1), check environment with ps(1). You'll see LANG is missing
Additional InformationLANG is passed along to services from runlevel changes.
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