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0016025CentOS-7qemu-kvmpublic2019-04-22 23:05
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Product Version7.6.1810 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016025: BZ1638835 - KVM Windows 10 1803+ high cpu usage
DescriptionWhen using Centos 7.6 1810 as a VM host for Windows 10 1803 or higher there is very high idle cpu usage. On my low powered virtualisation host idle CPU usage is 150-200%.
Steps To ReproduceInstall CentOS 7.6 1810, install KVM virtualisation. install Windos 7 1803 or later guest. Observe idle CPU usage is high.
Additional InformationFixed upstream in January:
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2019-04-22 14:12

manager   ~0034230

The fix you point to is not for the version of kvm included in the base/updates repos. It's for RHEV which is a different product. You will need to report it on bugzilla as affecting the version of qemu-kvm that we ship as part of the distro if you want that fixed.

We do also ship the qemu-kvm-ev package that is mentioned there as part of centos-release-qemu-ev.noarch


2019-04-22 14:13

manager   ~0034231

qemu-kvm.x86_64 10:1.5.3-160.el7_6.1 updates

is the distro version of qemu-kvm. Is that the one you're running?


2019-04-22 21:03

reporter   ~0034233

Yes qemu-kvm.x86_64 10:1.5.3-160.el7_6.1 updates is the version I am on.

Is there anything special needed other than installing centos-release-qemu-ev.noarch in order to switch to the improved version?


2019-04-22 21:53

manager   ~0034234

yum list qemu\*-ev

I think they replace the existing ones, not sure if you have to remove the originals first.


2019-04-22 23:05

reporter   ~0034236

Thanks, the process I eneded up following was:
yum group remove Virtualization\ Host
yum install centos-release-qemu-ev
yum install qemu-kvm-ev
virsh edit win10

      <synic state='on'/>
      <stimer state='on'/>
to the <hyperv> section. Shut down / started the VM. There was some other mess involved that was specific to a mistake I made that broke the guest. But the issue appears to be resolved.

Many thanks, im happy for this post to be made public as I couldnt find these steps online at all and had earlier assumed that the resource usage couldnt be fixed on CentOS 7 without some updates from you folks.

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