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0016064CentOS-7Cloud-Imagespublic2019-05-09 23:52
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Summary0016064: Latest AWS CentOS 7 Image Has Invalid Product Code
DescriptionFor `us-west-2` the latest CentOS 7 AMI I have is `ami-053ceb1ddca82b4ba`. This maps to `CentOS Linux 7 x86_64 HVM EBS ENA 1901_01-0722b432-8459-49b6-9b90-79b42624d25d-ami-05713873c6794f575.4`. However, the product code is incorrect, meaning that trying to launch an instance gives

`In order to use this AWS Marketplace product you need to accept terms and subscribe. To do so please visit

 (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 401; Error Code: OptInRequired; Request ID: ddcb7547-ea6d-40f8-bf75-3ced59192311)`

The URL in question is the product code for Tableau Server (BYOL). Without accepting this license CentOS AMI cannot be run.
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch instance with `ami-053ceb1ddca82b4ba` in `us-west-2` ( `us-east-1` seems to have the same issue as well)
2. Get error back about needing to accept the license with a link
3. Link goes to Tableau Server (BYOL)
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2019-05-07 15:27

reporter   ~0034437

I have the same issue in us-east-1.


2019-05-07 16:13

reporter   ~0034438

Can confirm that eu-central-1 is affected.

AMI: ami-08ee2037f6ff4c4f8
Error launching source instance: OptInRequired: In order to use this AWS Marketplace product you need to accept terms and subscribe. To do so please visit


2019-05-09 22:24

reporter   ~0034441

ap-southeast-2 also

"Latest" returns:
 - AMI: ami-0777c25253de28c0e
 - DATED: March 15th
 - LINK:;search=ami-0777c25253de28c0e;sort=desc:creationDate
 - MARKETPLACE: (Tableau!)

The one that works is
 - AMI: ami-08bd00d7713a39e7d
 - DATED: January 31st
 - LINK:;search=ami-08bd00d7713a39e7d;sort=desc:creationDate

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