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0016067Buildsysgit.centos.orgpublic2019-06-27 15:06
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Summary0016067: With migration to new configuration, it is no longer possible to git fetch
DescriptionI have my own local fork of the OpenLDAP RPM repo from I add a remote for the centos repository. Since the migration to the new, it is no longer possible to use git fetch to retrieve the updated refs etc
Steps To ReproduceAdd the remote:

git remote add centos-upstream
git fetch centos-upstream (At this point, it hangs forever)

Debugging shows:

GIT_TRACE=1 GIT_TRACE_PACK_ACCESS=1 git fetch -v --progress centos-upstream
15:50:40.254118 git.c:419 trace: built-in: git fetch -v --progress centos-upstream
15:50:40.256525 run-command.c:643 trace: run_command: GIT_DIR=.git git-remote-https centos-upstream
15:50:40.908100 run-command.c:643 trace: run_command: git fetch-pack --stateless-rpc --stdin --lock-pack --include-tag --thin
15:50:40.915182 git.c:419 trace: built-in: git fetch-pack --stateless-rpc --stdin --lock-pack --include-tag --thin
15:50:40.916827 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 3880
15:50:40.921629 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 1703
15:50:40.922190 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 12
15:50:40.922484 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 3193
15:50:40.922531 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 3025
15:50:40.922552 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 2519
15:50:40.922572 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 2858
15:50:40.922592 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 2687
15:50:40.922612 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 2186
15:50:40.922632 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 2016
15:50:40.922712 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 2353
15:50:40.923153 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 3360
15:50:40.923446 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 567
POST git-upload-pack (gzip 1166 to 550 bytes)
15:50:43.108756 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 885
15:50:43.109386 packfile.c:1592 .git/objects/pack/pack-005025242b48b2e8cf1e93d9215d803f12fa74ae.pack 195

(It is now 16:30, so 40 minutes later, no progress)

I can directly clone the repository w/o issue, so the problem seems specific to the fetch capability.
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2019-05-10 23:18

reporter   ~0034444

Just to note, it's still stuck at the same spot, all these hours later.


2019-05-14 17:35

reporter   ~0034464

What is the ip address you are coming from and what is the timezone for the logs to try and align with any logs?


2019-05-14 17:40

reporter   ~0034465

IP address should be and the timezone in the log file above is GMT/Zulu time.



2019-05-14 17:41

reporter   ~0034466

Although it's possible that the IP may be different, as my ISP did reset the connection recently (I don't recall if it was before/after I ran the fetch command). If necessary, I can re-run it.


2019-06-03 07:40

reporter   ~0034582

I wanted to mention that I'm affected by the same for quite a while (a few weeks maybe).
I also used to have remotes added and git fetch hang on them.

To check on the only obvious difference being no master branch I have played with -m and -t options but to no useful effect.
I have realized you can have centos remotes syncing, even multiple of them together like and
As long as there are no others.

It might be related to "which other" remotes are in the repository but I haven't found the detail that makes the difference.


2019-06-03 16:04

reporter   ~0034588

I only have the one remote. Still unable to fetch.


2019-06-27 15:06

reporter   ~0034748

Hello, anyone? This is a serious problem with the centos git migration. Can this please be examined and resolved? Thanks!

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