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0016095CentOS-7pythonpublic2019-05-16 17:51
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Product Version7.5.1804 
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Summary0016095: Updates keep overwriting pip installation
DescriptionIt's been happening at least 6 or 7 times by now, but ever since python34 has been removed it seems like every couple of updates either my pip or pip3 binaries get overwritten. I have it setup so pip is a symlink to python27 and pip3 is a symlink to python36 (used to be python34) but they get overwritten randomly. Also they changed paths from /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin at some point, which means they are no longer in the PATH.

Any chance some of these package update scripts are deleting or overwriting these files?

Right now I have set them:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/pip3.6 /usr/bin/pip3
ln -s /usr/bin/pip2 /usr/bin/pip

I'm sure it will get broken again in an upcoming update soon enough.
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