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0016116CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2019-10-17 09:50
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0016116: leapp for upgrade CentOS 7 to 8
Descriptionrhel-7-server-extras-rpms contains leapp for upgrade CentOS 7 to 8.
Will CentOS extras provide leapp?
Steps To Reproduceyum install leapp
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2019-05-24 15:10

manager   ~0034519

There are no plans for the CentOS core team to support or package leapp but if there is sufficient support from the community to provide copies amended for CentOS then they could be released as part of a SIG. However, given the current lack of support for the preupgrade tool to migrate from CentOS 6 to 7 and the total lack of response to all calls for volunteers to package that, I would not be optimistic about it happening.


2019-10-08 12:00

reporter   ~0035370

Ok. Any update about this question? I am testing Centos 8 and I need to upgrade some Centos 7. If I have to make a new install, maybe is better change the distro?

And what about this?


2019-10-16 22:43

reporter   ~0035518

are there other ways to upgrade centos 7 to centos 8?
Because of the support of centos 7 its not very relevant to upgrade in next 5 years, but after end of support it would be nice to upgrade every centos machine without reinstall ...

Thank you,


2019-10-17 06:46

reporter   ~0035520

+1 for rolling upgrades.


2019-10-17 09:50

reporter   ~0035522

Hopefully upgrading centos-release package will start the upgrade from 7 to 8. But sometimes things do not work smoothly so please take a look at this page for some tips and tricks.:

Of course, sole responsibility is on you.

Disclaimer: i have not played with these things for many years and i don't remember ever doing it in Centos but it worked every time in Fedora...

Also a note about speed: If backup restore system is in place and working, just reinstalling the new version is much faster/cleaner/etc .

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