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0016120CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2019-06-10 14:32
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Summary0016120: Bump the number of available executors on the systemd-ci-slave01 if possible

I wonder if the systemd-ci-slave01 VM has enough resources for a next bump of number of executors for the systemd project. In a past month we've been experimenting further with Address Sanitizer and Undefined Behavior Sanitizers, which in the end resulted in another CI job running the entire instrumented version of systemd.

This, unfortunately, depletes the number of executors somewhat quickly causing huge queue bumps during "review periods". Would it be possible to bump the number of executors once again, if the VM can handle that?

Thank you!
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2019-05-28 21:22

reporter   ~0034532

Ugh, I accidentally mis-assigned this ticket to Buildsys, instead of CentOS CI as well, sorry for that (again).


2019-06-10 14:32

reporter   ~0034625

Also, adding relevant statistics, since the counters were recently reset:

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