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Summary0016154: IPv6 inoperable in AWS images due to accept_ra=0 by default
DescriptionMost people follow the AWS steps when enabling ipv6 on cloud instances, for example:

When following the steps, the AWS cloud instance cannot be reached via IPv6, even when all the steps are completed.
The instance get the ipv6 assigned(thanks to dhcp6c), but no default ipv6 routes are created(verify: ip route get ...any ipv6... goes to 'dev lo')

To enable ipv6 you have to additionally enable accept_ra for the interfaces:
cat /etc/sysctl.d/enable-ipv6-ra.conf

Should we consider enabling accept_ra for all the interfaces by default? Right now there is zero information for end users to debug the problem.

Steps To Reproducecreate aws instance with official centos hvm cloud image, enable ipv6 for subnet, assign ipv6 for instance
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2019-06-27 19:03

reporter   ~0034750

+1 to enabling this by default in the images.

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