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0016170CentOS-7phppublic2019-06-10 17:14
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0016170: Please port PHP bug correction regarding TCP keepalive to mysqlnd package

Please port correction applied to PHP 5.6 (package mysqlnd) regarding TCP keepalive to the php-mysqlnd package available in Centos 7.

In summary, mysqlnd doesn't activate TCP keep-alive when connecting to a server. When the IP address of a server migrates from one host to another, the connected PHP client hangs indefinitely.

For your reference, the bug and the correction (including the patch) are described fully here:

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2019-06-10 17:14

manager   ~0034628

CentOS is a rebuild of the sources used to create RHEL. We do not modify anything except to remove branding and logos. You will need to submit your request to Redhat via and if/when RH accepts it and incorporates it into RHEL and releases the patched version, then CentOS will pick it up and rebuild it.

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