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0016199CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2019-07-01 09:16
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Summary0016199: CentOS CI for upstream NooBaa Software Defined Storage
DescriptionNooBaa was acquired by redhat 6 months ago. We have opened the repos and have (as well as our community) a high interest in using a public CI and the CentOS environment should be a good fit.

Name: Nimrod Becker
Project: NooBaa
Desired Username: nbecker if its for a human user / NooBaa if its more of an automation user/account.
Email Address:

SSH pubkey:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDu7VuEc1VlSQxehCVR9H6Fdmgf/YxwP9ZUfILVdM5wi7rvFSsdKB4D6QoCB1SZK/2X0IGpOIgg3/ye4JwixQ3q0rF+GJRM5fKfX/uSYmbwXbN3nZ89J1dJ31J2Up3LFX62LAq6L6uPhlcdDcNBfnZNdeRYaCEWx3ZSzmHSyjk/es5xt3TF8LiKdysr7qDFZMqlEPNxtwcfYU8CnWwftPzG0R1YQzeyliRfa8jagC1MEUifP4+/hbF9sjYTFxRi1Tf2CEd09r+6YIllvwg4vZp2B+kfW/7lrTxRHDstlhRq8hPC+qL7czC2rzBRMEqYYNTKsfWWyI6Laugntk3RdPUB

If more information is needed, I'd be happy to provide it.
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2019-06-20 08:51

reporter   ~0034701

As NooBaa is a Software Defined Storage project, I am happy to help/assist/sponsor/.. Nimrod and colleagues with getting started in the CentOS CI.

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