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0016249CentOS-7anacondapublic2019-07-09 05:09
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version7.6.1810 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016249: Blivet picks wrong LV as root with multiple PVs and fails to put all in crypttab
DescriptionWith a custom partitioning scheme with multiple PVs, VGs, and LVs (LVM2) with LUKS (that is at least three (3) LUKS PVs) the firstboot (and subsequent boots) fails because kickstart/anaconda/blivet picked the wrong PV as the one holding the root LV and doesn't mount root.
Also /etc/crypttab has only one (1) entry, instead of three (3), and the entry is not the one with the rootfs LV.
Steps To Reproduce1) Use a custom partition scheme in your kickstart.cfg, such as:

# Partition clearing information
clearpart --drive=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SomeDisk-A --all
clearpart --drive=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SomeDisk-A --initlabel
# Disk partitioning information
part /boot --fstype="ext2" --ondisk=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SomeDisk-A --size=1024
part /boot/efi --fstype="efi" --ondisk=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SomeDisk-A--size=512 --fsoptions="umask=0077,shortname=winnt"
part pv.447 --fstype="lvmpv" --ondisk=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SomeDisk-A --size=61440 --encrypted
volgroup centos_sys1 --pesize=4096 pv.447
logvol none --fstype="None" --size=32760 --thinpool --metadatasize=3072 --chunksize=65536 --name=pool00 --vgname=centos_sys1
logvol swap --fstype="swap" --size=8192 --name=swap --vgname=centos_sys1
logvol / --fstype="ext4" --size=8192 --thin --poolname=pool00 --name=root --vgname=centos_sys1
logvol /home --fstype="ext4" --size=2048 --thin --poolname=pool00 --name=home --vgname=centos_sys1
logvol /var --fstype="ext4" --size=8192 --thin --poolname=pool00 --name=var --vgname=centos_sys1
part pv.448 --fstype="lvmpv" --ondisk=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-SomeDisk-A --size=100000 --encrypted
volgroup storage00 --pesize=4096 pv.448
raid pv.449 --level=10 --device=storagemd00 --useexisting --encrypted
volgroup storage02 --pesize=4096 pv.449

2) Install using 'text' mode (so prompted for LUKS password)
3) Reboot
4) Boot prompts for LUKS password but them fails complete (doesn't even drop to emergency shell, just tries to do so and gives up and shuts down)
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2019-07-09 04:52

reporter   ~0034790

This can be closed. The issue with failing to boot was unrelated. I have cloned and re-titled the bugs that remains.

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