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0016284CentOS-8kernel-pluspublic2019-07-30 21:07
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Summary0016284: Update kernel-plus with patches from for e1000 and e1000e drivers

< pgreco> I use a lot of e1000e devices, and there were some interesting patches upstream
< pgreco> so, about e1000, which is unsupported by rh
< pgreco> I think we should try to keep it updated
< pgreco> wrt e1000e, I'd like to add the patches that are logic to us, mainly backporting from 4.19.x lts


e1000="cf1acec008f8d7761aa3fd7c4bca7e17b2d2512d ee400a3f1bfe7004a3e14b81c38ccc5583c26295"
e1000e="88f3beae583682a992de2429992256666d70a40a 49dd86f0f5ece4e7addc0f8db5e75a2fb404ede6 b9f257e27890c462cc07c3e6d4fa7509730ea396 5ec9ba494db252d8a5baaed4fdaf5b4bbbc201dd 8cff6598b3c03936022dc3998274dba43567cc05"
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2019-07-19 21:45

manager   ~0034857

A set of test kernels are in:


2019-07-30 20:52

manager   ~0034888

Last edited: 2019-07-30 21:07

The patches (e1000 and e1000e) are now in

A non-official set of this version is also found in

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