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0016300CentOS-7gnome-desktop3public2019-08-21 21:32
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Product Version7.6.1810 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016300: Mouse pointer freezes with a hand symbol upon dragging a icon in the desktop application menu
DescriptionWith latest Centos-7.6, mouse pointer freezes with a hand symbol upon dragging a icon in the desktop application menu. It also freezes the complete keyboard or keypad. Restarting gdm service from other terminal login brings back the mouse pointer but it throws the logged in user out.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install CentOS7.6

2) Upgrade the OS

3) Restart machine

4) Login to GUI

5) Go to application Menu and try to drag and drop a icon from the menu to reproduce the issue.
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2019-08-21 20:52

reporter   ~0035010

I have been running into this as well. Glad to see someone has already reported it. Centos is a guest in a virtual machine using open-vm-tools with my setup. It probably is irrelevant but I thought I'd mention it in case it is related.


2019-08-21 21:03

reporter   ~0035011

Although it seems totally frozen it isn't. I was actually going to settings to turn off the blank screen power setting at the time and dragged on an item on the system tools menu on mistake. While I was pulling up and replying to this thread the lock screen came up (the one I was trying to disable ironically) at which point I was able to login and the system was unfrozen. The grab hand cursor was still showing but the GUI wasn't frozen anymore. The grab hand cursor goes away as well once you do something that changes the cursor to the clock/processing animation. I have retested this and it is as reproducible as the error itself. consistently reproducible.


2019-08-21 21:32

reporter   ~0035012

Here is a video of the issue:

error.mp4 (1,405,648 bytes)
unfreezevia.screen.blank.mp4 (1,765,302 bytes) (1,778,217 bytes)

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