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0016307CentOS-7tcshpublic2019-08-01 19:19
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0016307: cd /lkjsdf ; source junkfile logs me off
DescriptionRunning tcsh 6.18.81 Astron

From command line and from inside tcsh scripts

cd /lkjsdf ; source junkfile

Logs me off if lkjsdf does not exist. Works fine for existing directories.

junkfile can be empty or contain anything, it is properly executed and THEN
user is logged out.

Contruct is used as a way to created on the fly prompts depending upon directory one cd's into.

Usually cd is aliased to ' cd \!* ; source prompt '
where prompt is a tsch script of arbitrary complexity.

Using this alias any cd into a non existent directory causes an immediate logout.

Homer W. Smith
CEO Lightlink Internet
Steps To ReproduceJust type it at the tcsh prompt and what it log you out.
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2019-08-01 19:19

reporter   ~0034901

Using csh rather than tcsh, the line gives an abort.

Notice that junkfile needs to be set with a full path, because the cd changes the working directory.
cd /directory ; source /root/junkfile

If directory does not exist, the junk file is executed properly but then signed off.

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