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0001637CentOS-4Otherpublic2013-03-23 20:25
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Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version4.4 - i386 
Summary0001637: SquirrelMail servertype menus are inconsistent
DescriptionThere are 2 ways to set the $imap_server_type variable in Squirrelmail using "perl /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/"

In latest version, the 2 method show different menu items:
The menu item 2->a->8 shows this:

Each IMAP server has its own quirks. As much as we tried to stick
to standards, it doesn't help much if the IMAP server doesn't follow
the same principles. We have made some work-arounds for some of
these servers. If you would like to use them, please select your
IMAP server. If you do not wish to use these work-arounds, you can
set this to "other", and none will be used.
    cyrus = Cyrus IMAP server
    uw = University of Washington's IMAP server
    exchange = Microsoft Exchange IMAP server
    courier = Courier IMAP server
    macosx = Mac OS X Mailserver
    hmailserver = hMailServer
    other = Not one of the above servers
While the menu item: D show this:

While we have been building SquirrelMail, we have discovered some
preferences that work better with some servers that don't work so
well with others. If you select your IMAP server, this option will
set some pre-defined settings for that server.

Please note that you will still need to go through and make sure
everything is correct. This does not change everything. There are
only a few settings that this will change.

Please select your IMAP server:
    bincimap = Binc IMAP server
    courier = Courier IMAP server
    cyrus = Cyrus IMAP server
    dovecot = Dovecot Secure IMAP server
    exchange = Microsoft Exchange IMAP server
    hmailserver = hMailServer
    macosx = Mac OS X Mailserver
    mercury32 = Mercury/32
    uw = University of Washington's IMAP server

    quit = Do not change anything
I think the two menus should show the same names, as the variable $imap_server_type is changed in each case.
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2007-01-04 14:39

administrator   ~0004329

This has been submitted as upstream bug:


2007-01-07 06:11

administrator   ~0004333

submitted to the squirrelmail bugzilla:


2007-01-22 14:18

administrator   ~0004369

This has been corrected by squirrelmail team and rh bugzilla has been updated.


2013-03-23 20:25

manager   ~0016939

marked as WONTFIX upstream. Also CentOS4 is EOL.

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