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0016397CentOS-8kmod-redhat-megaraid_saspublic2019-10-04 18:30
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Summary0016397: Card no longer supported by megaraid_sas

My RAID card (LSI 9260-8i) is listed in

for the

megaraid_sas driver

Is it possible for CentOS to release a megaraid_sas_legacy to support such old cards.

I have installed RHEL 8 Developer Edition in the machine for testing and the RAID Array is not detected any more.

It was detected in CentOS 7.

I plan to install CentOS 8 once it is released.

Steps To ReproduceInstall RHEL 8 on a machine with RAID card LSI 9260-8i

Raid Array is not detected.
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2019-09-14 00:37

manager   ~0035097

Take a look at this ELRepo blog:

for possible solution.


2019-09-18 09:02

reporter   ~0035113

Will CentOS 8 dracut have the patch mentioned applied ?


2019-09-18 17:49

manager   ~0035123

It is not in RHEL 8.0, so not in CentOS. It may be in RHEL 8.1 but this remains to be seen.


2019-09-18 18:01

manager   ~0035124

As a CentOS user, you have two possible solutions.

One is to use the centosplus kernel (kernel-plus). It has patches that restore the drivers that have been removed from RHEL-8 kernels.

   mpt3sas (some PCI IDs)
   megaraid_sas (some PCI IDs)

Another is to ask CentOS to publish the patched dracut through the extras repo.


2019-10-04 18:30

manager   ~0035332

Closing as the original issue has been 'resolved'. May update this ticket if/when the dracut patch has landed.

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