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0016418CentOS-7util-linuxpublic2019-09-19 05:41 
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Platformaarch64OScentos 7.7OS Version1910
Product Version7.7-1908 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016418: growapart could not resize the disk. Need to bump the util-linux version to 2.26 or newer(update sfdisk)
DescriptionNow the util-linux which offer the sfdisk is:

But from growpart:

get_resizer() {
    local format="$1" user=${2:-"auto"}

    case "$user" in
        sgdisk) _RET="resize_sgdisk_$format"; return;;
        sfdisk) _RET="resize_sfdisk_$format"; return;;
        auto) :;;
        *) error "unexpected input: '$user'";;

    if [ "$format" = "dos" ]; then
        return 0

    if [ "${SFDISK_VERSION}" -ge ${SFDISK_V_WORKING_GPT} ]; then
        # sfdisk 2.26.2 works for resize but loses type (LP: #1474090)
    elif has_cmd sgdisk; then
        error "no tools available to resize disk with '$format'"
        return 1
    return 0

The sfdisk should have version newer than 2.26.

Induce that:
[centos@centos7 ~]$ sudo growpart /dev/vda 3
no tools available to resize disk with 'gpt'
FAILED: failed to get a resizer for id ''

So the image could not resize. Cloud-init also could not use growpart to enlarge the disk.
Additional InformationRelated bug in Fedora already bumped :
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