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0016455CentOS-8Cloud-Imagespublic2019-12-12 04:54
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Summary0016455: CentOS 8 Vagrant box
DescriptionCould we get some CentOS 8 Vagrant boxes created and/or uploaded to
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2019-10-01 07:25

administrator   ~0035277

Reminder sent to:, lpancescu



2019-10-01 20:57

developer   ~0035288

I still haven't tried to build Vagrant images for CentOS 8 (I switched from macOS to Fedora, but I haven't got around to configuring libvirt yet - it's easier to get a working kickstart when building images locally, with a console I can watch). Thursday is Germany's national day, I hope to make some progress until next week.


2019-10-09 14:08

reporter   ~0035396


Any update on this topic ?

Also, I would like to follow Vagrant box development for CentOS, where can I find source files ?


2019-10-10 05:53

administrator   ~0035423

AFAIK, kickstart files used for Vagrant images are here :
So nothing (yet) for centos8/8-stream, but that's what @lpancescu was working on


2019-10-10 07:14

reporter   ~0035424

Hello @arrfab,

Thanks for your feedback.
From my point of view, it will be nice to mention this repo on and in blog announces.


2019-10-10 19:51

developer   ~0035435

Still working on that (not sure why @arrfab is using the past continuos tense). I got vagrant-libvirt working, just going through the list of kickstart changes in RHEL8 to see what might affect the Vagrant images. If that starts working, I'll also have to update the automated tests on cico before releasing.

@arrfab, are the CBS imgfac builders already running CentOS Linux 8? We've had build issues in the past due to an older pykickstart.

As for the link to the repo, I never included it in the annoucement or on Vagrant Cloud to avoid being the GitHub issues being flooded with repeated support requests like "how do i ssh to the image" or "vbguest doesn't find the kernel sources". We have enough comments like this on the blog - but if @kbsingh wants to include a GitHub link, I'm fine with that.


2019-10-11 05:11

administrator   ~0035437

@lpancescu : no, builders aren't running CentOS 8, and will probably not for a long time, because of tool chain and config management issues around untested roles for 8
OTOH, @kbsingh and @bstinson discussed about a plan to build such vagrant images on the other koji dedicated for the distro (so as that's where the other images like cloud images would be built. You can sync up with him about current status for that


2019-10-14 21:25

developer   ~0035469

I now have a working kickstart in my libvirt-packer branch ( The Vagrant image works fine, although I'm unhappy that Anaconda doesn't let me remove linux-firmware in %packages, because it's required by kernel-core. I'm able to remove it after I reboot into the installation with no side effects - this problem increases the size of the image by 304MB. Maybe I should file a bug with Red Hat. Anyway, I think I can send a PR soon, I just need to add the VMware and HyperV support back for the PR.

@kbsingh: I saw that someone made a PR for this today - I'm no happy about some of the things in there, but I'll understand if you want to merge that one.


2019-11-08 23:24

reporter   ~0035663

Ceph's CI tests for ceph-volume use Vagrant, so we're interested in testing any early CentOS 8 Vagrant images.


2019-11-28 17:23

reporter   ~0035776

In case anyone else missed it, there appear to be libvirt and virtualbox images available at

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